Live Arial Surveillance

Supporting organizations maintain site security and operational status.

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Emergency Contingency Planning

Are you prepared for an emergency? Many industries require emergency planning. Preparations are made to ensure your business is ready. Informing your staff what to do, before the emergency happens.

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Real Estate Photography

Selling your house, business or land; get top dollar!

Building on vacant land and wishing to accurately plan your site, driveway and barn?

Aerial photography provides you with quality photography images, video desired for all Realestate needs.


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Our Services

Fleet Aeronautics is a corporation specializing in a wide variety of UAV services. Our licensed team offers support for both industrial and residential applications. Working hand in hand with industrial leaders providing live arial surveillance, emergency contingency planning, real estate advertisement and customized aerial photography. Fleet Aeronautics offers a wide variety of services in the expanding field of drone services.

Why Us?

Field leaders in the UAV services. Our team currently working alongside with industrial leaders, providing discrete - oil pipeline monitoring, real estate photography, site surveillance, producing advertisement brochures, site mapping and much more.


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